Más allá dela Realidad Andreu Ponsirenas 10/03 08/04

Lasinnombre gallery is a place which arises from a need, the lack of institutional support for the new generations of artists and which aims to give them a voice and a professional presence in the art world. It is defined as a mutant space where most artistic disciplines encompass, a space where they meet, dialogue and complement each other. Lasinnombre gallery is also a space where art lives, where the artistic experience of the viewer goes beyond mere observation, thanks to the different activities and workshops in which other senses such as taste or hearing are invited to participate.

Marc Solana

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Andreu Ponsirenas. Más allá de la realidad. 11th March - 8th April. Given the restrictions imposed by the covid19 the access will be restricted to the room's capacity. At the same time, if you wish, you will be able to arrange particular visits at agreed times.

Andreu Ponsirenas. Más allá de la realidad. 11th March - 8th April

Romoss. Never broke again. 28th January - 4th  March Bernat Saus. Diálogos.
26th November - 21st January
Collective Exhibition. Calaix Desastre.
17th September - 31st de october


One of the aims of Lasinnombre gallery is to offer a global vision of the contemporary artistic world, so one of his proposals is Pinzellades poètiques. Monthly cycle where we will enjoy the complicity of literary poetry and graphic poetry, as well as the peculiarities of its confluence. We will discover the intimate self of artists in a text-image pairing that from their message gathers emotions, feelings and their particular aesthetic vision of the environment.
Let us remember that the word poetry has its roots in the Greek word Poiesis, which means creation. Pinzellades poètiques strives to perceive multiple associative phenomena and generate a new entity.
I believe that melting different arts creates a new art, which is not putting two disciplines together, that is to say more. Think of music and a literary text and we have the opera. Think of  Vedettes i cançons del Paral.lel and we have Gàngster, ploma i vaudeville. I believe that getting out of the sphere of poetry and letting you influence or directly work with another art is to enrich you, to offer more to the viewer. And I think in a way, it's about recovering the origins, going back to what's most authentic, living. Horace said: Ut pictura poesis.

Entrevista de Versos.cat a Marta Pérez i Sierra



Andreu Ponsirenas

Andreu Ponsirenas Santón ( Barcelona 1990)   is an artist who does everything by himself, a romantic out of his time. He seeks the origin of the culture around him and  to inquire into it and to translate it into his work. He mainly works in  bronze sculpture, as the material itself has its own symbolism. According to classical Greco-Latin culture, the Bronze Age was the one in which heroes rose to fight evil and tyranny, and therefore Ponsirenas seeks to reflect this strength and diligence on the characters he represents, being formed from this material, which complements the very concept of piece of work. On the other hand, he is a multi-faceted artist, as apart from sculpture he has also worked on drawing, painting, and even comics. The comic Valios led him to the creation of the Editorial Hyperborea, inspired by the concept with the same name of Nietzsche, from which his works are published. He is currently a resident artist in the TallerBdn, where he develops his sculptural work and creative process.


The exhibition Never broke again includes the work of the young Barcelona artist Mohamed Ouadi, artistically known as Romoss.
Despite having grown up with few artistic influences as a child, he became interested in graffiti as a teenager. This form of expression led him to study fine arts, in search of artistic references and technical training
It began in the artistic world with the exhibition at the Stripart festival in 2015, continuing with group exhibitions such as great re-media at the Nogueras Blanchard gallery, Image at the UB fine arts exhibition hall or international initiatives such as the exhibition Migration et la Santé Mentale in Brussels.
After finishing the educational stage, he decided to spend time in New York, the artistic cradle of his great references.
His current work focuses on experimentation through shapes and colors, creating his own language. We can see figures related to pop culture, sharing the space with a series of bubbles and spots in a very saturated color tone. Romoss's work holds the gaze and certainly does not leave the viewer indifferent.

Bernat Saus

An artist's pictorial journey is like life itself, full of stages. Bernat Saus has a long way to go, despite his age, and Dialogos is the last stage of this journey, at the moment.
The exhibition space is flooded by the subtle wave of fresh and vibrant colors of Saus's pieces, letting the white of the wall breathe. The intense blue of the pure pigment on a simple plaster that triangulates with the larger format paintings, creates a dialogue between them, culminating in a journey through the tireless search for the expressiveness of the stain.
Dialogues is a beginning, an experiment, a new door that Bernat Saus is crossing to expand the palette of expressions and resources at his disposal, to grow as an artist and therefore as a person and take a step beyond what it is tangible and real to arrive at the essence of what we know as art.

Núria Cintero

Núria Cintero is an artist and freelance illustrator. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and currently runs a Master of Arts in Galicia.
Her work reflects a reality in which Japanese technology and architectural tradition blend. Technically, Cintero's work is fueled by ukiyo-e, Japanese prints, and technical drawing which, surprisingly, result in a very cool graphic work with a wide range of vibrant colors.

Gasolineraseri. Núria Cintero

Edu Artola

Edu  Artola (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat 25/10/94). His artistic proposal is based on illustrations, mostly in black and white, in a critical, satirical spirit and in a protest mood. Although it does not have a particular technique, He tends to draw with rotring on watercolour paper. @edw.artola

Marc Solana

She studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. He prefers to work with large formats, the genre of portrait and abstract painting, concentrating intensely on color. He also explores other techniques such as: pencil, gouache, oil.

autoretrat acrílic
Carles .70x100. Acrilic sobre paper. Marc Solana
Carles .70x100. Acrilic sobre paper. Marc Solana

Emili Codina

Emili Codina."Walking as an artistic practice, not just moving between two points, through a state of active observation and contemplative meditation. We discover a rich range of layers, facets, and realities in the landscape experimentation. The territory of El Parc Natural de Collserola, perimeter of Barcelona, has large variety of rural  and urban contrasts with nature inevitably torn apart by human action. This situation creates places and non-places They range between the metropolitan planning and the flora and fauna of the park. The project arises from my vital need to rest, to breathe from the ¨monsterpolis¨ and the digital environment that flood my daily routine".

Guille Garcia

Guille Garcia is a painter from Barcelona . His work usually uses a canvas support, but sometimes also uses treated wood, paper, and other materials. He deals in an unrealistic way with the human figure, with no intention of portraying anything in particular, simply a figure that we can recognize as anthropomorph and which is represented  between the figuration and abstraction; searching for the limit of both. The portrait is a recurring theme in the work of Guille Garcia, who performs it with his characteristic intuitive and honest brushwork. He also often paints several compositions with different figures that may or may not have a relationship with each other and their surroundings. His creative process is very instinctive, he does not make preparatory sketches for his works. When it comes to painting, what they care about is seeking the purity of their personal research, creating a debate between the canvas, the work and the artist, which arises from a process of searching for documentation. Another of the pillars of Guille Garcia's work is the confrontation of painting with the viewer, being the one that has just defined it and made sense at last, hence the absence of titles from his paintings.



Ronald  is a visual artist trained in Barcelona, a photographer and illustrator. He develops his work on the streets of the city by repeating posters with his own face. Self-taught, Ronald is multi-faceted as he also makes audiovisual projects other than his public interventions.

Andrea Díez Nin

Andrea Díez Nin is a multidisciplinary artist from Barcelona, graduated in fine arts and specializing in Illustration. Based in the digital surrealism, she uses illustration, graphic design and animation to play certain parts of the world that we inhabit, with images that are sometimes accompanied by texts. Her work blends fantasy and everyday dreams in order to tell realities from an introspective, on-going dialogue. The images that creates are tools of self-knowledge whose ultimate goal is to decipher and give a body to contemporary collective consciousness.

Marta Pérez Sierra


The poet Marta Pérez and Sierra will coordinate Pinzellades poètiques. La Marta is a graduate in Catalan Philology. Author of dozen collection of poems, among them Women of Life, II Premi Jordi Pamies (Pagès Editors, 2011), Ostatge, XXII Poetry Prize Josep Fàbregas i Capell (Tèmenos eds, 2016), Un segon fora del dubte with the photographer Enric Macià (Ed. Gregal, 2016), Llavors, els peixos with the painter Jordi Vila (La Garúa, 2017). As a cultural coach she has coordinated for five years the poetry cycle Contrapunt poètic.
To learn more  www.4lletres.cat


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